in medias res – “into the middle of things”

October 2, 2007

My appetite for transcendence is heightened tonite, after an otr event of incarnate beauty and truth.  A nite of artistic expression where, (in the words of Archibald McLeish) the poetry was not only “true, but equal to.” 

For all the funky, frenzied, fuzziness inherent in this world; one thing seems crystal clear:  we’ve been set into the middle of things.  And much like the Latin writers of old, who played with starting their story in the middle, it seems (doesn’t it?) we are at once both groping forward and straining to peer behind.

On second thought, I’m not sure it was “transcendence” as much as good ol’ fashioned (mind-blowing) talent expressing itself in time & space.  (Is there a real difference?)  But something (or is it Someone?) was, indeed, closing the chasm for me.  Bringing the beginning and the end together.  Or teasing toward that, at least.

Such coverage of terrain … truth explained and experienced, expressed while at the same time embodied … makes me all the more wary of my (less than robust) majority moments.  (The ones that leave me scratching my head at a substantial gap I know so well: what I “know” to be true and what merely is.)

It is at the same time both hopeful and depressing to receive such glimpses of reality in full.  Hopeful.  (Wow; I hadn’t known so deeply this could be.)  Depressing.  (Wow; I hadn’t known so deeply this could be.)  Thanks Karin & Linford … I guess.

Alternative titles for JT Blog #1:

  • otr overdose?  (or was it the wine?)

  • (esoteric) analysis for all (time)

With consolation (regarding my blessed confusion), I remember the Word who Was.  I bet He Was fully.  (Both true and equal to.)  May we learn Him well.


5 Responses to “in medias res – “into the middle of things””

  1. Rustin Says:

    This is brilliant.

    And I think I know this experience you describe – only not often enough to be satisfying, and too often to be something less than persistently annoying.

    I hope this begins a long and fruitful blog. Congratulations!

  2. jt Says:

    Rustin, thanks so much for your affirmation. And, yes, this experience is certainly sporadic and yet (still) mildly unsettling … in ways that make me hopeful and depressed all at once! (I’ve wondered if it’s akin to the way C.S. Lewis understood joy?) I think I’ve also noticed (something that might’ve come out in my post) that this “place” finds me (most?) often in robust artistic expression.

  3. one more annoying comment today- rustin is on your blogroll. did you know he’s Calana’s bro-in-law? probably. you probably work at the same church…i’m probably the last one to know.

    anyhow, did you know we are at Wheatland Mission (w/Paul and Calana)?

    alright. i hope you are well these days. love to you, mel

  4. jt Says:

    mellie, i had NO idea you and cody were w/paul & calana (though i have raved to rustin about paul in connection with the both of you). i’ll never forget their embrace of you (always). wow; that’s awesome. i’d love to meet the community sometime. (do ya’ll meet for worship together sunday a.m.?) maybe over a holiday i could sneak away …

  5. nah, we meet on sat night for the time being. our community is amazing. our whole family fits! definitely come on down…or look at the WM link on my blogroll, and then check out the people on WM’s blogroll.

    my favorite connection there is that my neighbors came once and have been going ever since. (neighbor Kim on my blogroll…you’d love her!) i am so blessed these days. thanks for the reminder!

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