“it’s nice to have a relationship with a butcher …”

October 4, 2007


 (She said in a conversational tone.)  And I do believe those were the words verbatim.

What (do we ask?!) has advertising come to?  I mean, it’s not just that this is a bad idea for the local grocer’s ad-campaign.  (I’ve tried it in every context.)  It simply doesn’t work.  Ever.  (Isn’t this what “they” teach at University?!)  Frankly, I’m more spooked than ever to go for the 1/2 lb. of thinly sliced turkey at Price Chopper’s deli.

Does the PC Butcher expect “relationship”?!  (Cordial conversation or else?!)  I suppose it’s the (implicit threat of) the knife that gets me most.  I mean relationship–maybe–with the flourist, the baker, the manager.  Okay, maybe even the 16 year old misunderstood bag boy.  But geesh!  It just doesn’t seem all that complicated to get this one right …


5 Responses to ““it’s nice to have a relationship with a butcher …””

  1. (JT! welcome! i’ll throw you on my blog roll and the crazies will come callin’. i LOVE my blog friends and you will, too.)

    Regarding this post:

    how about the billboard right by my house, “Church Sucks”. maybe you’ve heard about it? my 7 year old reads it every time we’ve gone by it for 3 months now. he tried to say “that sucks” the other day….

    they finally took that one down. they put up another one in its place. you won’t believe it. check it out!

  2. oh, nevermind your blog doesn’t accept html in comments. go to http://www.whosinyourbed.com

    the billboards show crumpled red satin sheets and feet sticking out. (it’s for the same church as the church sucks one.)

    too bad we can’t just be deaf, dumb and blind?

  3. one more thing. i noticed on the website they only have one pair of feet sticking out. on the billboard they have two.

  4. jt Says:

    Weird, Mel. (I feel the need to apologize, though I’ve not done much of anything here!) Anyhow, thanks for chiming in w/observations on “quirkiness” (how do we describe this?!) in your own world!

  5. haha, apology is the nag i feel, too. ish!

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