surrogate-motherhood, artificial insemination … and the incarnation?

October 9, 2007

Nothing like Oprah to deliver a little perspective.  Call me crazy, call me naive … (call me single and childless at 31); I had no idea the lengths that men and women (friends and, yes even, strangers) go to in attempting “success” at conception.  Having now been introduced to such extreme measures (think: daily dr.-appts, $350,000/year, international travel), I am struck by the last-ditch efforts of so many.  Makes me ponder the incarnation and what seems, on one-hand, to be the blessed ease of divine-conception, yet (on the other) the invasive extremes of God finding life in human flesh (about as miraculous and invasive as it gets, I guess). 

Hopping planes to “rent a womb” … daily injections to stimulate egg-production?  Think we may have sold-short the incarnation?


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