October 11, 2007

It’s a hopeful word; apt for my day.

Switchfoot teased out the concept a little more poetically: “maybe redemption has stories to tell; maybe forgiveness is right where you fell.”

After nearly 6 hours with a handful of what must be KC’s brightest and best urban workers, I’ve come away toying afresh with the concept. (And still pinching myself into believing that heroes are actually on the ground in such respective posts: a city mission, a church … a preschool.)

Up against a host of inexcusable or undesirable circumstances (and beside many, many others only barely surviving the mess), there are these few making strides at the good life. And maybe … just might be pulling it off. (Already there are stories to tell.)

Such courageous living (shall we call it redemption?) makes me eager to flirt with the concept: maybe, just maybe …


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