john’s gospel prologue … brilliant stuff

October 22, 2007

1:1-2         the pre-existence of the Logos or Son, see also John 17:5
1:4             in him was life, see also John 5:26
1:4             life is light, see also John 8:12
1:5             light rejected by darkness, see also John 3:19
1:5             yet not quenched by it, see also John 12:35
1:9             light coming into the world, see also John 3:19; 12:46
1:11           Christ not received by his own, see also John 4:44
1:13           being born to God and not of flesh, see also John 3:6; 8:41-42
1:14           seeing his glory, see also John 12:41
1:14, 18    the “one and only” Son, see also John 3:16
1:17           truth in Jesus Christ, see also John 14:6
1:18           no one has seen God, except the one … from God’s side, see also John 6:46

Apostle John, Gospel of John, (outlined by Carson, The Gospel According to John)


One Response to “john’s gospel prologue … brilliant stuff”

  1. Guido the pool boy Says:

    U won’t belive this I just taught this to our Middle School group and by chance had to fill in to lead our adult small group (yes I can relate to adults…but it is harder for me). What is more amazing to my small mind is Isaiah 9: 1-7 Sometimes I am not worthy actually most of the time!

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