here’s one …

October 23, 2007

For awhile in my early twenties, my only clearly articulated ambition was to eat at least once at every restaurant on Pico Boulevard, starting with the fried yuca dish … working methodically westward toward chili fries at Tom’s #5 near the beach.  It seemed a reasonable alternative to grad school at the time.

Jonathan Gold, This American Life

This, the source of my snickering (turned gut-laughter & tears by the time Mr. Gold had outlined the first 3 rules of his game).  There’s nothing, I say, like the euphoric vibe of cruising away from a long day in the office while at the same time finding total (if arbitrary) reassurance that “other people” are as intricately weird and inspired as you.  (Who didn’t write their own [original] grad-school game?)

Yet one more reason to love the commute.


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