incongruity …

November 3, 2007

photo_110307_001.jpgIt’s what I love about life.  And sisters.  (And Jr. High Campers.)

In one of my rare magnanimous moments (today) I asked, “Sissy, how could I make motherhood a little easier?  Is there anything I could do to support you more effectively … care for you better?”  It was a tender moment of inquiry, full of compassion.   (I thought.)

Before I could blink, Haley was shoving a (freshly baked) cookie into my face, “Do you think this one’s done?”

Not … “Oh Nettie, thanks for asking … let’s talk about that in a sec.”  Or … “Hmm.  That’s a great question; first tell me what you think about this cookie.”

Nope: deep heart-felt inquiry … meet hot (questionable) sugar-cookie.

Life.  Sisters.  Jr. High Campers.  (Who knew pets would be the perfect segway from Jesus’ wonderful plan for your life?)

Somehow, love – far from transcending the strange rhythms of life – lives (I guess) inside them.  Cheers to the important (incongruent) exchanges that kids & hardwork (to say nothing of the poor & disenfranchised) call us to celebrate.  How enriching it will be to live (Lord help us) this love …


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