a eucharistic life

November 5, 2007

I read Nouwen just after my mamma died.  Somedays (like today) when the black-hole of life starts to suck me under … I find him again: 

The great temptation of our lives is to deny our role as chosen people and so allow ourselves to be trapped in the worries of our daily lives.  Without the word that keeps lifting us up as God’s chosen people, we remain, or become, small people, stuck in the complaints that emerge from our daily struggle to survive.  Without the word that makes our hearts burn, we can’t do much more than walk home, resigned to the sad fact that there is nothing new under the sun.  Without the word, our life has little meaning, little vitality, and little energy.  Without the word, we remain little people with little concerns who live little lives and die little deaths.  Without the word, we still may be a news item in the local or even national newspaper for a day or two, but there will be no generations to call us blessed.

–Henri Nouwen, With Burning Hearts



2 Responses to “a eucharistic life”

  1. thirsty Says:

    Hey it is Josh Garrett. I just found your blog. How you doing?

    Great thoughts here. Thanks.

  2. jt Says:

    josh, it’s so delightful to hear from you. thanks for checking-in. i am well (though this week continues to tempt toward “smallness”) – i’m kicking and screaming! (and forcing the basics: the word, the space.)

    i’d better force some sleep, or this one won’t survive tomorrow! I look forward to learning more of you in the near future …

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