revolutionary or grocer?

November 13, 2007

Everybody treats us so nicely.  No one seems to think we mean what we say.  When we say “kingdom of God,” no one gets apprehensive, as if we had just announced (which we thought we had) that a powerful army is poised on the border, ready to invade.  When we say radical things like “Christ,” “love,” “believe,” “peace,” and “sin” — words that in other times and cultures excited martyrdoms — the sounds enter the stream of conversation with no more splash than baseball scores and grocery prices.

It’s hard to maintain a self-concept as a revolutionary when everyone treats us with the same affability they give the grocer.

Eugene Peterson, The Contemplative Pastor


One Response to “revolutionary or grocer?”

  1. Guido the pool boy Says:

    WOW! This killed me…. I have ofter thought of myself as “revolutionary” at least unconventional… I think I might be a grocer?! I am arming myself with my twinky launcher….GROCERS UNITE!

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