for any bathroom readers in the bunch …

November 17, 2007

120px-goofy.gifOr even those who appreciate the genre … here’s one for ya:  Todd Gallagher’s Andy Roddick Beat Me with a Frying Pan.      (He did, actually … well, kind of.)

For anyone who’s ever wondered (who hasn’t?) what it might be like to go up against a pro-athlete on terms that “level the playing field” … here’s a book full of intriguing case-studies.  (Think Maurice Greene granting a 30-meter head start to his opponent, who’s — oh, btw — running more than half of the 100 meters on a moving sidewalk.)

 Call it silly.  Call it crazy.  Call it absurd; (Maurice won).

Just don’t call on me to humiliate myself by keeping company w/the pros.  (I’ll stick with arbitrary — unwinable — hypothetical-debates, thank you very much.)

Mickey is a mouse.  Donald is a duck.  Goofy is an anthropomorphic dog.  (Geesh!  You’d think Gordie could’ve nailed that one.)  Keep the frying pans at bay, I say … unless, that is, you wanna cue-up a little Iron Chef squabble (in which case, my money’s on Kobe).


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