it sounded like a good idea …

November 25, 2007

I love the (or should I say my) traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Nanie’s frozen-strawberry “salad” (code for dessert come-early), Aunt Mona’s dressing, Aunt Lynne’s mashed-potatoes & cranberry, Josh’s pumpkin roll …

You get it.

It’s the Thanksgiving dinner I’ve had (give or take a couple years) since I could eat.  It’s the Thanksgiving dinner I want.  It is, in fact, the only Thanksgiving dinner I would ever need.  (Yet one more reason I’m glad God has tarried on the in-laws.)

There’s just one problem with this Thanksgiving dinner:  I only get left-overs once.  One nite, that is.  (The same nite I enjoyed the feast the first time!)  This doesn’t, I guess, diminish my enjoyment of the turkey-sandwich roll.  But it certainly limits my portions.  (And who doesn’t want at least a few turkey-sandwiches out of the deal …?!)

I don’t know if other families actually have this problem (i.e., the limited supply-factor).  I usually hear people talking about the other side of the coin.  “Aren’t you sick of turkey?  It’s turkey-this … turkey-that.”  Cooking articles and talkshows abound with tips on fighting the turkey-take-over.  (What does my family need to learn?)

Maybe I’ve got a greedy aunt/uncle secretly stashing the leftovers for later consumption.  Maybe my small family (of 12) actually devours the entire turkey-feast in one day.  Maybe my Nanie (the most generous woman you’ll ever meet) absent-mindedly forgets to send turkey & stuffing out the door with her guests.  (I did manage to scam some mashed potatoes this year, which was a first.)  But especially certain dishes (turkey being one of them) are simply altogether sparse come time to leave the Farmer-Family Home.  (My mom’s maiden name was so truly glamorous.)

Driving home to KC this year, sissy and I decided that one nite of Thanksgiving dinner leftovers just wasn’t enough.  We determined to make our own turkey — with a few other fixin’s — to quiet our insatiable appetites.

I put the turkey in the oven 5 hours ago.  It’s still not done.  A web article tells me this bird’s temp ought to raise quickly in the last hour.  (I’m just praying that’s this hour.)

Anyhow, maybe next year there’ll be take-home turkey at the Farmer Family bash.  For now, I’d better go check on that bird …


2 Responses to “it sounded like a good idea …”

  1. Guido the pool boy Says:

    Happy Thanks,
    We had all the outlaws over they came bringing Tupperware…no really…..We didn’t have any leftovers either. Molly the collie got the ham bone Happy Dog
    Peace and love

  2. jt Says:

    Back at ya, Curt … so glad to hear Molly’s taken care of. (Does this mean your Thanksgiving includes both Turkey and Ham?!) Let’s just celebrate (you, me, & Molly) that our next great feast is just around the (Christmas) corner!

    Sure is fun to have some exchange these days. Hope your holiday season’s off to a great start …

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