it’s so good …

December 8, 2007

(I’m not sure we should even call it chili.) 

Thanks to my neighbor’s amazing culinary skills (and his recent batch of chili, admittedly influenced by Bobby Flay) … I ventured into my own experimentation this evening.

Okay, so it wasn’t like I improv’d in the kitchen … (I still always regret my own recipe-departures).  But I did purchase some ingredients I’d never heard of before, in order to try my own hand at a Bobby Flay original.

With a couple of substitutions along the way (I guess there was some improv; how else does one navigate without pasilla chili powder?!) … and a few serious moments of doubt, I finally emerged from the excursion, a doting & proud Chili-champ!  (Honestly, I’m not sure I’ve had chili this good before.  Of course, the fresh avacado & “toasted cumin crema” meal-accessories were nothing to scoff at either.)

Anyhow, next time you’re in the mood for a little somethin’ (eccentrically) different …


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