all I want for christmas …

December 17, 2007

I got.

This past Sunday … thanks to my friend, Dave, who delivered a beautiful & thoughtful message from the perspective of Jesus’ father.  (Joseph — not God.)  He made me love — afresh — a God of the truly absurd. 

That’s a gift.

If you can eek out 40 minutes for your own indulgence, I highly recommend the listen:  An Unexpected Heritage.  (The message is only about 35 minutes, but you’ll have to commit to patience after clicking the link above; it may take awhile to access.)


2 Responses to “all I want for christmas …”

  1. Haley Says:

    I just had a chance to listen online to the Unexpected Heritage message. It reminded me of how often I try to depend on my limited mind or ways…and how I need God’s unlimited grace.

  2. jt Says:

    Sissy, thanks for sharing. I, too, found myself wanting to more often see things through the lens of God’s boundless grace. Just feels so tricky: is it heroic faith or sheer stupidity? (Sometimes, the question feels legit.) But then, I must remember the guidance God’s Spirit brings …

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