(what do you expect for $8.98, anyway?!)

December 20, 2007


So I’ve been picking up some flak for my recent endorsement of Steve and Barry’s retail store.  Turns out, I had a small zipper-snafu (the same day I posted the blog, actually).  That nite.  At a holiday party.  Amongst a dinner-party quaint enough to notice the 20-minute absence of someone (in the bathroom … having zipped once … twice … from yet another angle … again … pants-off altogether … working toward [please-may-it-be] some zipper-magic).  Eventually, though, I emerged one sweater lighter, one (make-shift cocktail apron) accessory richer.

It was a conversation piece.  To say the least.  (Can’t say I’ve discussed the ins-and-outs of blue-jean design at a party so thoroughly in years.) 

This to say: I do understand an appeal for truth in advertising.  (It wasn’t a jacket or purse.)  However, I must confess I’m neither supremely surprised nor deeply disappointed by my recent experience.  Maybe this is a sad commentary on quality-control in our day.  Maybe … it’s just life.

I mean: $8.98, team.  (That’s the beauty of this deal.)  And it’s not like we can’t return the merch.  Was it a little embarrassing?  Maybe.  A smidge surprising?  Sure.  Kind of annoying.  Of course. 

But it was also one of those moments sit-com writers work hours for … hand-delivered to me in zippy-fashion.  (Small pun intended.)  Am I the only one laughing here? 

I say (still) “a little something to know about, holiday shoppers.”  (And, now, party-guests?!)


2 Responses to “(what do you expect for $8.98, anyway?!)”

  1. JT, you’re not the only one laughing. I’m laughing with you of course. I’m a month late. Does that still count? I know, I’m slow but not that slow! I just came across your blog. Actually, your Bro TT gave it to me.
    Later, TD

  2. jt Says:

    How fun to have a new guest on-line! I’m glad to know others are laughing (instead of scowling) about *certain hang-ups* in life. That generous sense of humor is going to add years to our life (I say). May the smiles keep coming …

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