January 2, 2008


So what difference does this doctrine of the Incarnation make?  What insights does it allow?  How does it impact our prayers?  Our worship?  Perhaps the simplest answer is this: it means that God is Christ-like.

–Allister McGrath, Incarnation (Truth and Christian Imagination)


3 Responses to “perhaps”

  1. Guido the pool boy Says:

    Seeking Wisdom?
    Put your youth leaders hat back on. We now have 5th & 6th, Middle School, and High school ministries. I have thrown out the idea of keeking the same leaders from 5th thru high school. It is a huge culture change but I think we can build relationships with kids and parents. My Youth Admin. Bogy is going to talk to Newberry. Right now just looking for feedback….you have some of that don’t ya?

  2. jt Says:

    I do like the idea of sustained relationships over time; it makes sense to me for so many reasons. The most compelling of which (I suppose) is the trust and relational familiarity gained through such longevity. Having said that, I know also that figuring out a “best way forward” in any given context involves navigating through a myriad of dynamics. And I’m certainly not familiar enough with all of those to make any specific recommendations. I like the way you’re going about some of these decisions. (I think Jim will have great insights.) Don’t hesitate to e-mail or call if you’d like a bit more conversation …

  3. Guido the pool boy Says:

    Hola Been in Fl a few days my daughter is doing a disney internship great fun for her long drive for dad. You can’t believe the resistance from the leaders i.e. I only do high school I can’t relate to 5th graders Blah Blah Blah. It is kinda fun shaking everyone up a little and getting them thinking. I don’t know which way we will go but the conversation will be FUN!
    Who loves ya baby

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