to laugh or to cry

January 5, 2008

I returned this afternoon from several days of travel in San Antonio.  Great city.  Riverwalk.  (What more does one say?)  

I often keep a running dialogue with myself, but it seems to gain volume when I travel.  A few snip-its of the most memorable observations and thoughts:

1.)  There aren’t a lot of women pastors.  No, no … I’m (yes, yes) the only woman at this conference.  Hmm.

2.)  People make interesting choices in travel-apparel.  (I simply don’t get heels at the airport.  Especially from women wearing jeans.  Either your office dress code is incredibly messed up, or you chose 2 inches for the terminal trek.)

3.)  [As overheard by 3 southern hunters at the Drury Inn’s continental breakfast]:  “Boy, now that Giuliani (pronounced: Gill-ee-ah-ni) got surprised.”

4.)  Latin-service-workers know how to earn a tip.  (Is it the warmth of their family heritage?  I dunno.)  They were far and away my best customer service.

5.)  It’s easier for me to trust (or is it to like) nice-looking people.  I hate that about me.  But (does?) it maybe explain(s) why I prefer to see my airline pilot.


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