this is where i am right now

January 24, 2008


(It’s warm.)


4 Responses to “this is where i am right now”

  1. Guido the pool boy Says:

    I am pretty sure that’s not fair considering that it is -3 this morning here in sunny Illinois. You are living the dream.
    Peace Love and Ribs

  2. Petey Says:

    I hope you are sitting with your feet so the waves are crashing on them and you have a drink in your hand.


  3. jt Says:

    Petey, the drink WAS in my hand (yesterday as I sat with the waves crashing on my feet). So much fun. And Curt, ’tis true … I have been living the dream! It ends abruptly today, when I board a SW flight back to frigid midwest temps at 6 p.m. tonite. (I’ve heard they’re getting better.)

    Anyhow, I must say to the both of you (and–believe me–I wouldn’t be able to say this to everyone) … “wish you were here.” Miss you so much and often think of the both of you while doing things I most love. In any case, hope you’re keeping warm (enough) …

  4. who lives there? can i come next time? wow!

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