props to rustin (who gave props to brad) …

February 5, 2008

Who introduced me to The Story of Stuff with Annie Leonard (who — let’s face it — probably deserves some props of her own).

It’s been three days since I first watched the thing … and.  Well, I still want it (also) on my blog.

I want to think more about it as well.  Maybe you do too.  Here’s our chance:



2 Responses to “props to rustin (who gave props to brad) …”

  1. Stacie Says:

    Of course we know most of this already, but do we live like it? I know I don’t! The other day I refered to a trip to Target as an experience. Matthew (11) called me out on that one!! Also, judging by the size of the donation I’m about to put out for pick up, I’m definately part of the problem.

  2. jt Says:

    um. that kid-thing has got to be the most indicting thing anyone could ever sign-up for. (but funny to me that matthew caught you on this one.)

    i had such a great time at your home the other nite; thanks again for the fun … and an unforgettable lemon cake! :0)

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