company in kc

March 2, 2008

why might it be that thunder and determined rain
make true in me a sense of deep security?
’tis not the cloudless sky nor blue sunshine
but rather raging storms that force sublime
and sure collateral

relentless rhythm, yet impenetrable (except in ways that matter most)
such that i remain unbothered, undeterred
only better understood

or understanding still the company of forces mightier than i
like gratitude in grief or longing in delight
the falling rain finds refuge, a deeper peace
in me tonight


2 Responses to “company in kc”

  1. oh, man. that’s nice. that’s exactly how i felt yesterday as i painted.

    i usually have some sort of music on when i paint just in case i have to stop working (so that i can put it back on and can more easily come back to the place/mood from which i was working) but yesterday i just painted to the rain.

    i like your painting, too. though my subject does not show rain, it is about water/shelter. (it’s up on my blog right now.)

    thanks for sharing this. i love it.

  2. jt Says:

    mellie, so good to know you are still painting. (i’ve got a great piece you did for me in high school.) your recent work (posted on your blog) is awesome; i love the water/shelter theme …

    pretty fun to be mulling over similar thoughts, even as our lives have us in different contexts. (i confess, it makes me just a little sad … missing us.) but then (such happy memories) there’s always the fact that we were so darn cool in your ride. what else really matters?!

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