it’s hard to plan a day this good

March 24, 2008

But … we did.  (And … it was.)

Birthday 3-2: 1 of the best, I must say.

We started with a brand new “pre-birthday” observance … made possible by my rock-star/brother-in-law, who took-on the role of single-parent for over 24 hours to give us what just may be the best gift conceivable: uninterrupted, exclusive sis-time.  Add to the extravagance: pajamas (by 6 p.m.) + homemade BLT’s (by 9 p.m.) + hours of conversation (converging by 10 p.m.) + sleep, sleep, and more sleep (wake-up at 8 a.m.?!).  It seemed the birthday had been duly-acknowledged before it even began!

Turns out, things were just warming up.  Think brunch-out (what says indulgence like ciabatta-pecan french toast, mugs of coffee, & college roommates lingering over conversation until mid-day?!).  Add to the mix make-up tips from a pro, birthday money exchanging hands, and dinner out with close friends.  (What more could a girl want?!)

 At one point during dinner — when the conversation was getting really good — I thought to myself: we couldn’t have planned for a birthday this good.  Then I remembered: we did.

But only one Grace-Giver made good on such plans.  I must say: it’s such fun to be celebrating — yet another year — of this, His company and care.  Such mind-blowing-beautiful-spaces amidst this messy life; how much more must be around the corner?

Celebrating (and planning) every chance we get …


One Response to “it’s hard to plan a day this good”

  1. jd Says:

    If ANYONE deserves a birthday THIS good it is you my friend.

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