jt’s first half-marathon

March 29, 2008



Aside from some unusual race-day road-kill (and, come to think of it, some unusual race-day authorities) along the route, my first “official” 13-mile run was about everything I might have expected.  (Come to think of it, if I’d actually considered the route from Gardner to Olathe, I might’ve been prepped for a few dead-animals along the way.)

In any case, running with my buddy, Jen (far-left-grown-up … kind-of), was a super fun way to kick-off this dreary (spring?!) weekend.  Of course, our faithful cheerleaders braving the cold (Spring and Haley, to my right) made crossing the finish-line all the more worthwhile!

Half-down.  Full-coming soon …?


4 Responses to “jt’s first half-marathon”

  1. Rustin Says:

    Congratulations, JT! If I had run 13 miles, I would be in company with the road-kill.

  2. jt Says:

    Funny to picture you lying beside the bloated deer. I think you might’ve decided 13 miles wasn’t that far afterall! Thanks for the kudos, though. It was fun to push my limits. (One of the few remaining “safe-spots” to do so?)

    Btw: unrelated to this post, I just finished viewing No Country for Old Men. I now understand your pleasure in the film. I was amazed. (Challenged, in some strange way, to be more honest about life?) Like you, I’ll need to think on this one for a year or two before I venture much more in the way of reflective-articulation. (Wouldn’t it be fun to hear thoughts from Volf or another one of our favs?!)

  3. jd Says:

    it should be noted that the temperature was 40 degrees and the winds were 15-26 MPH and the first 2/3 of our route was in the country, blowing dirt, no trees — Kansas-style, yes, complete with road kill.

    JT where is our pre-race picture…

    Also, the 2 port-a-potties for over 1000 people should be noted, seriously there were lines of people taking turns behind the building. HA!

    JT could have finished faster, if not for her friend. The time is not a reflection of her speed, she is much faster when she is not carrying someone!!!

  4. jt Says:

    Jen … I’ll e-mail our prerace photo; my camera’s been in my gymn bag (in my car) and I’ve been too lazy to make the trek! It’s not there anymore, lest thieves reading this comment would be inclined to temptation.

    It’s a little funny seeing the port-a-pottie spelled out. That’s just one I usually like to say!

    Hey, in addition to all the carb-loading we should be doing this week (in order to “recover”), I also read that it would be a good idea to get together and debrief from our race-experience and everything. Let’s be sure we make that happen, eh?! Soon …

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