speaking of compassion …

April 7, 2008

I’m in need of some.

I’ve been outta-commission sick for the past 36 hours.  (I hosted a small gathering last Friday nite and have learned of 6 people who came away sick.  Guess a nasty bug crashed our party; talk about contagion.)

Whenever I’m sick I realize how far I have to go in the way of being compassionate.  (It just doesn’t come naturally for me.)  There’s something about needing and suffering in one’s own body that promotes, I think, a different kind of mercy.  Maybe that’s why the way of the cross is so often central in teaching us (empowering us?) to love …


One Response to “speaking of compassion …”

  1. guido the pool boy Says:

    Praying for ya!
    Hope you feel better.

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