some “why” in wild

April 18, 2008

Happiness, wholeness, transcendence … intimacy, wisdom, & love.  These are just a few of the themes held together (sometimes in tension) as the biography of Christopher McCandless unfolds in Sean Penn’s 2007 movie, Into the Wild.  The DVD finally made its debut into my Blockbuster cue.  After reading Krakauer’s book (by the same title) several years ago, I was expecting to be disappointed. 

Not the case.  Beautiful scenery coupled with important glimpses of humanity proved to be a compelling combo.  Though the film flirted, at times, with simplistic or stereotypical narrative (less so than the novel), it managed–still–to pose deep and central considerations for any of us “transcendent folk” who call this world our home.

Worth its spot in the Q.