Playing at the Sprint Center tonite and – I confess (as I put on my pj’s and prep for a serenade while I sleep) – I’m just a little sad that such downtown neighbors will no longer be mine.  (Moving day is just around the corner for me: a week from tomorrow!) 

I know it would drive some folks crazy to sleep where I sleep (with trains pulling in & out of Union Station, sirens screaming in the nite [KC’s quite tame, but a siren is, after all, a siren], and live music in the distance singing me to sleep.  I love it.  Positively.

Good thing I’m only moving a few miles away.  Though I won’t get to live inside the city, at least I’ll get to visit quite a lot.

Here are a few photos (and a short post) from a friend of mine who recently came to visit.  It’ll be fun to see where God moves me next for a (more indefinite) geographical commitment.  (My new lease is only a five-month-er; enough time to scope out the options).  It’s bound to be a pretty fun exploration …