cats & coons …

May 4, 2008

So … it turns out my recent move has introduced into my life a myriad of housemates & neighbors.  Some of them quite pleasant: Maureen (a.k.a. Moe, Didde, a friend for over 10 years now) and Rachel (I’ve only just met, but already like the way she shares her cupcakes).  Some (new acquaintances) … not so pleasant. 

Take Kitty, for instance (formally Lucinda) who–by no fault of her own, I must admit–makes me sneeze just by being.  She’s definitely not “the worst” my allergies have encountered, but may prove to be a great scapegoat on “the worst” in days ahead.  (Doesn’t everyone need a scapegoat-roommate?!)  Then there’s last nite’s visitor.  Mr. Coon … who Moe found digging through our trash out back.  (Nothing like some prime-time-dumpster-diving.)  When confronted with the flying-bottle launched from recycle bin, this ambitious visitor went on to counter by jumping to our rooftop.  (Don’t worry, my attic bedroom windows have screens; the first thing I checked after said incident.)

Coon may have gotten lucky this time around, but I’ve seen what a few girls in a house might do to “kill” coon siting #deuxsuch animal-intrusions (think bird or flying squirrel on the loose inside The Hudson House).  This is nothing that a few years of “girl-meets-animal-intrusion” can’t hack.  Put your money on the girls.  (Then be ready for my frantic phone call when the toilet backs up.)  So glad moving day is behind me; intrigued by what (or do I mean who?) I’ll encounter in the months ahead … 

Postscript: Moe snapped this photo of coon siting #deux just before sunset on 5/5.


4 Responses to “cats & coons …”

  1. maureen Says:

    Heh. Thanks for the props. And I don’t mind if you only refer to Lucinda as “Kitty” or even a more abrasive “Cat.” Sometimes she doesn’t deserve to be called by name. 😉

  2. jt Says:

    No … I like to refer to Kitty as Lucinda. It sort of helps me think of her as a non-cat. In fact, isn’t there a brief history that correlates the name Lucinda with witches–both good and bad?! This is sort of the category I want for Lucinda, my house-mate. (I can decide later which side she’s on …)

    Btw, I must say (after the morning trip to buy groceries and forward mail): I LOVE this neighborhood! (Small parts of it make me feel like I’m back in Chicago.) It’s so refreshing *deep breath* to be around a myriad of diversity again. Loving it …

  3. redthread Says:

    so glad you are loving the abode…

    all the flying caged squirrel I remember it…what what’s it’s name..kind of cute and creepy all at once…HA!

  4. jt Says:

    for the record: the flying squirrel was all creep (and no cute) … but tolerated for the sake of household peace & unity. (Maverick was his name … until we learned he was a she, afterwhich we referred to the little beast as Mavery.) I still don’t wanna think about what all that squirrel did (or where she went) the weekend she got loose.

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