little ethan’s been sick …

May 11, 2008

That’s right.  My nephew even had a small tumble (that prevented him from walking for a couple of days and traveling with me to visit “the Grandmas” for Mother’s Day).  I made the trip to Wichita and back by myself.  It was sad for both of us — more sad for me.

Today, I paid sick little Ethan a visit.  (Though back to walking about, he’s still pretty congested with whatever else he’s fighting.)  Ethan, Bj, & I celebrated “mamma” (my sis) with dinner out.  After two minutes in a hot-commodity high chair … we were told that Ethan would have to give it up to another table.  (Apparently, that waitress had “first dibs” — though we’d been seated for 20 minutes, Ethan on our laps.)  Anyhow, it was another hard break.  (Ethan cried.)   It was frustrating for both of us — more frustrating for me.

Toward the end of dinner, after pretty poor service throughout (I guess the highchair hiccup was kind of symbolic) … Mom, Dad, and “Aunt Na-Na” (Nettie’s harder to say) were pulling out all the stops.  There were bits of cheese & snack-puffs for dinner on the plate; animated & choreographed numbers with Elmo & Ernie on the side; colorful books and (yes, even sharp) dining utensils in hand.  We were rounding out the second verse of “where is thumbkin?” (all three adults, hand-motions fully-engaged) when a waitress interrupted the moment with a question that, come to think of it, seemed more for us than for her …

“Is everything okay here?”

All three of the grown-ups sort of looked around the table (thumbs-still-dancing) and assured her: we’re just fine, thank you.  I looked at Ethan.  It was a little embarrassing for both of us–more embarrassing for me.

It’s funny to me how kids — even with their brutal honesty — are somehow more resiliant to life’s changing circumstances.  So often, I refuse to face reality head-on, yet seem to be “harder-hit” when called to flex.  Maybe it has something to do with my own delusions of control?

Ah, the gift of these little ones.  (I love ’em even when their smelly & sick; something only a mom or dad … or insanely smitten Aunt Na-Na could say.)

Happy Mother’s Day to me.


2 Responses to “little ethan’s been sick …”

  1. jd Says:

    I would have taken off my “pastor hat” and talked to the manager about the “dibs” on the high chair thing you soo have to be kidding me…I know that wasn’t the point but COME ON PEOPLE!!!!

    Oh…and I miss your mom terribly…thanks for sharing her with me all those years.

  2. jt Says:

    yeah. actually, i’m pretty sure the “pastor hat” did come off for a minute or two. (or maybe it was just transferred; i couldn’t believe how calm and collected hay & bj were about the whole deal.)

    i tried to remind myself: it’s not that “they’re so much more spiritual” than me, but that their personalities don’t invite them to sin as visibly. (something i must perpetually convince myself of, if i’m to feel okay about myself while hanging around my saintly sister!) in all honesty, i was so proud (and taking cues) from that stellar family of mine. i hope someday i’ll be so loving & mature …

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