most of the world is poor

June 25, 2008

(Thanks to that E-free church conference) … I’ve spent the better part of the last two days learning about holistic redemption in non-American contexts.  It’s been encouraging to hear stories about God’s intervention–directly and/or through His children–to show compassion and care for many in desperate need. 

I am struck–anew–today by the stark economic contrast between “my world” and the way most of humanity lives.  Such awareness forced me to do a little digging today and even more reflection (hopefully more still to come!) on what’s behind all this (disparity).

Maybe you, too, will find this website on Global Issues (or its accompanying article on Poverty Facts and Stats  a useful tool.


2 Responses to “most of the world is poor”

  1. redthread Says:

    watch the sermon called global impact Sunday

  2. redthread Says:

    also check out

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