fireworks for the dogs

June 30, 2008

I learned today that animal shelters across our nation report more runaway dogs on July 4 than on any other day.  If you can overlook the melodramatic opening (story of a German Shepherd named D.O.G.), this article by the US Humane Society has some good tips on how to keep your dog safe amidst the festivities.  (Turns out cats love fireworks–inviting them to take a ride on a Roman Candle or to rip into a pack of blackcats just after you’ve lit the fuse might be one way to include this special animal in your evening of celebration.) 


One Response to “fireworks for the dogs”

  1. redthread Says:

    HA! I love it…the cat part

    though our sweet abby ran away on new years eve due to fireworks…so, sadly, it’s true.

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