summer schedules (and such)

July 18, 2008

A lot of (planned & unplanned) busy-ness has kept my summer hopping along (and my blogsite a little lonelier than usual these days).  Even so, I’ve managed to keep up with one of my favorite summer past-times: movies in the theatre.  (For some reason, it’s a seasonal indulgence for me.) 

My pride won’t allow for a full confessional here (as I realized only after the fact that I’d chosen the strangest show to view “solo” in a nearby KC theatre recently).  Since I’m not making public a list of movies I’ve seen already … I figured the least I could do is go on-record saying: I can’t wait to watch Batman’s latest.  I’m also intrigued by the little I’ve heard about This Side of HeavenBoth are on my hitlist.


5 Responses to “summer schedules (and such)”

  1. Rustin Says:

    I went to the midnight showing of Batman. (Nerd). And wow. Wow. So good.

  2. tageis Says:

    Did you go to Dark Knight?

  3. jt Says:

    Oh man … now I’m jealous! (Can’t believe you pulled the midnite showing.) I’m inspired now; hoping to make it happen this week!

  4. jt Says:

    Oh, and Terri, so glad you “stopped by” … haven’t caught the flick yet (as I alluded to) but plan to make it happen any day now.

  5. tageis Says:

    Ah, I see. Well, you need to catch it. Hope you are doing well : )

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