freedom school poetry

July 26, 2008

Sometimes I feel happy like the yellow summer sun
All jolly and cheerful just ready to have fun
At other times when I’m hurting I imagine I look red
Because of what people have done or even said
I usually feel green; I’m not jealous, but I’m smart
Of all the things about me, I know you can agree with this part
So when I look at all these colors, all so different as can be
When they all come together they help me to be me!

Lyndsay Hughley, Colorful Me

I have dreams of being a rapper not a drug dealer.  Some nights I cry because people die.  I live on 28th and Park where people die in the dark.  I never dreamed of someone on Fox 4 saying our population is getting lower and lower and lower.  But my dreams are joining the Kingdom City and spreading the word of our Beautiful King.  Some people are not doing the same thing but I will keep pursuing my dreams.

Evan Lewis-Thompson, Dreams


3 Responses to “freedom school poetry”

  1. redthread Says:

    where are you??? miss your blog

  2. maureen Says:

    what happened here, JT? Its been over a month.

  3. jt Says:

    but it was a productive month, i’d say! thanks for missing me 🙂

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