funny-man ethan

September 19, 2008

While touring a local fire-engine with my nephews this evening, my sister & I tried to get Ethan to smile for our brief photo-shoot.  We made silly faces.  We waved our arms.  We asked Ethan to say: “happy” and “tootles” (and every other silly, fun word he knows).  Finally, it was Ethan himself who cracked his own joke … and finally, the smile.

“Camera-man,” Ethan said, with humor in his voice.  Then (for reasons I have yet to understand), Ethan smiled & giggled & cracked himself up over the whole deal.

Later, Ethan & I were waiting in the car together while Sissy ran in for a few groceries.  Ethan & I began to chat (in the two-word-sentence-way we do).  Ethan looked up & pointed to a man in the parking lot.  “Who is that?” Ethan said.  Jt: “That’s just a man in the parking lot taking groceries to his car.”  Ethan, with smile in his voice: “Grocery-man” (laugh, joke, giggles).

It’s one of those jokes that keeps on going, you know …


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