anthony & leslie are adopting nathan

September 21, 2008

Nathan was found abandoned outside of a mudpit-latrene last year in Rwanda.  After a bit of time in the hospital & police custody, Nathan was given into the safe-keeping of New Hope Homes (a home for abandoned children in Rwanda).  This is where Nathan will stay until Anthony & Leslie bring him home later this fall.

Anthony & Leslie shared this brief story with our faith-community earlier today.  It was so honest & heartfelt.  (There wasn’t a dry-eye in the room.)  My favorite line came from Leslie who said something like, “we have had fears about this: can we love Nathan like we love our other three girls?  can we handle another child under 4 years of age?  can we thrive as a bi-racial family?  how will I do Nathan’s hair?  But we have chosen to believe that these concerns pale in comparison to the great gift God is giving to Nathan & our family in bringing us together [Jt’s paraphrase].”

I’m so grateful God has given to our congregation a life-sized illustration of what it might mean to care for the least of these …


3 Responses to “anthony & leslie are adopting nathan”

  1. redthread Says:

    what am i doing with my life?

  2. Alamanach Says:

    “can we thrive as a bi-racial family?”

    Actually, it ain’t hard. My wife is from Thailand and I’m a white guy, so we’re biracial. Nobody cares any more. Give that kid a lot of love and raise him up to have a good character, first and foremost. Those parents are in for a fun time.

  3. jt Says:

    Yep; it’s getting exciting! Nathan’s on his way home, even as I type.

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