the adventure begins …

November 16, 2008

Okay: not a lot of time here on the ground, so I’ll make this a quick photo-journal-project.  (With more & better commentary later?)

Jt & Bill in Chicago … Jt & Bill in London.  (Sorry: I forgot to snap a shot upon arrival in Nairobi for that really “not-so-fresh” look!  Trust us.)


With a 6 hour layover in London, Bill & I began w/aspirations of checking out the “newly acclaimed” terminal 5 at Heathrow’s Int’l Airport.  (Our terminal 4 was desperately wanting, with shops/restaurants under construction at every glance.)  When security wouldn’t allow us exploration on the “inside” … Bill and I determined to play hardball.  (Take this, you policy enforcers, you.)  Yes, we went awol …


And took our exploration outdoors via London’s tube … (we do have six hours, we kept saying to ourselves).


We saw Wellington’s Arch …


We stopped by Buckingham Palace …


We visited Parliament.  (“Look kids, Big Ben!”)  BUT did we make our flight to Nairobi … ?!


One Response to “the adventure begins …”

  1. Hay Says:

    Loved the photos while you were in London. Why not explore? So excited to hear more…

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