while in kenya …

November 12, 2008

I’ll be supporting workers who care for the Borana peoples.


the countdown is on …

November 10, 2008

In less than three days, I’ll be boarding a plane for Nairobi, Kenya.  My friend/colleague, Bill Gorman, is joining me for the big adventure!  Together, we’ll be exploring the prospect of more long-term partnership (what it might look like for folks from my community here in KC to engage in collaborative-relationship with our Kenyan brothers & sisters).

One of the most exciting things about my travel is a reunion of sorts with one of my grad-school classmates & his family: Luke & Lillian Jaoko.  We became close friends during my years in Chicago.

Here’s Luke with his youngest, Sheenah (born during our last year of seminary).  My roommate & I broke with all cultural-sensitivity and threw the Jaoko’s one big-phat-baby-shower.  (Complete with the competitive relay: “cell-phone-on-your-ear, baby-on-your hip, laundry-basket-in-your-hand … hanging-clothes-on-the-line.”  My team kicked-butt.)  But I digress …memory-card-1-pictures-045

Luke & Lillian: two of the most heroic people I will ever meet.  I’m incredibly honored to know them; ecstatic about our reunion.

Sobered by the many other heroes I will be meeting in the coming weeks.  (I’m dousing myself in Ephesians 4 these days; praying some of it will somehow get down deep inside me.)  Your prayers for God’s gracious work in and through me are coveted …

(Tell me it’s a joke.)

Legalize Neighborhoods Again! (Anybody else ready to start a campaign?!)

But nonetheless true that I have never ventured to study, much less to care, about American economic policies.

The “caring” came first and was seeded (five years ago?) when I began to understand how disproportionately wealthy America is (up against other nations).

The “study”  came next.  (I’m just starting.)  Turns out it’s a good season to hear a lot of opinions & a little info on different economic approaches … what with our economy going to pot and all.

One tertiary benefit as of late: Russ Roberts introducing me to William Wordsworth‘s poem, The World is Too Much With Us.

I’m starting to wonder if I should stick to the poetry …

Robyn Okrant is living Oprah.  (Wow.)

fireworks for the dogs

June 30, 2008

I learned today that animal shelters across our nation report more runaway dogs on July 4 than on any other day.  If you can overlook the melodramatic opening (story of a German Shepherd named D.O.G.), this article by the US Humane Society has some good tips on how to keep your dog safe amidst the festivities.  (Turns out cats love fireworks–inviting them to take a ride on a Roman Candle or to rip into a pack of blackcats just after you’ve lit the fuse might be one way to include this special animal in your evening of celebration.)