roommate christmas tonite

November 30, 2007

Over 10 years in the running & we’re still going strong (though 2 of us live alone and the other two have roommates demanding diaper changes).  Our quality time together is even more important these days …



a class act (for sure)

November 29, 2007

 I had the privilege of catching Andrew Peterson’s Behold the Lamb tour tonite; what a treat.

51lkmk3n0bl__aa240_.jpgYou sit on your couch, beer or soda in your hand and junk food by your side watching TV for hours — that’s ordinary.  You work around the clock not because you have to feed your family, but for no other reason than to park a better car in your garage than your neighbors have — that’s ordinary.  You get up from the couch to play with your kids or you give your time and energy to help educate a prisoner or lend an ear to an elderly person — that’s extraordinary.  Why?  Because you are giving.  Every gift breaks the barrier between the sacred and the mundane and floods the mundane with the sacred.  When a gift is given, life becomes extraordinary because God’s own gift giving flows through the giver.

–Miroslav Volf, Free of Charge

looking for the perfect gift?

November 27, 2007


There’s one on-line shopping site I always find myself perusing as Christmas day approaches. 

(I’m a little embarrassed to come clean here; this shouldn’t be so funny still.)

But it is.  So here I am (at  For those in search of that profoundly-witty-niche-gift …

Incredibly talented.  Apparently classy.  I’m eager to watch the full-version of his recent film (released on Christmas day).

I love the (or should I say my) traditional Thanksgiving dinner.  Nanie’s frozen-strawberry “salad” (code for dessert come-early), Aunt Mona’s dressing, Aunt Lynne’s mashed-potatoes & cranberry, Josh’s pumpkin roll …

You get it.

It’s the Thanksgiving dinner I’ve had (give or take a couple years) since I could eat.  It’s the Thanksgiving dinner I want.  It is, in fact, the only Thanksgiving dinner I would ever need.  (Yet one more reason I’m glad God has tarried on the in-laws.)

There’s just one problem with this Thanksgiving dinner:  I only get left-overs once.  One nite, that is.  (The same nite I enjoyed the feast the first time!)  This doesn’t, I guess, diminish my enjoyment of the turkey-sandwich roll.  But it certainly limits my portions.  (And who doesn’t want at least a few turkey-sandwiches out of the deal …?!)

I don’t know if other families actually have this problem (i.e., the limited supply-factor).  I usually hear people talking about the other side of the coin.  “Aren’t you sick of turkey?  It’s turkey-this … turkey-that.”  Cooking articles and talkshows abound with tips on fighting the turkey-take-over.  (What does my family need to learn?)

Maybe I’ve got a greedy aunt/uncle secretly stashing the leftovers for later consumption.  Maybe my small family (of 12) actually devours the entire turkey-feast in one day.  Maybe my Nanie (the most generous woman you’ll ever meet) absent-mindedly forgets to send turkey & stuffing out the door with her guests.  (I did manage to scam some mashed potatoes this year, which was a first.)  But especially certain dishes (turkey being one of them) are simply altogether sparse come time to leave the Farmer-Family Home.  (My mom’s maiden name was so truly glamorous.)

Driving home to KC this year, sissy and I decided that one nite of Thanksgiving dinner leftovers just wasn’t enough.  We determined to make our own turkey — with a few other fixin’s — to quiet our insatiable appetites.

I put the turkey in the oven 5 hours ago.  It’s still not done.  A web article tells me this bird’s temp ought to raise quickly in the last hour.  (I’m just praying that’s this hour.)

Anyhow, maybe next year there’ll be take-home turkey at the Farmer Family bash.  For now, I’d better go check on that bird …


Hard to believe 2 years have past since I welcomed my very first nephew into this wide-world on Thanksgiving Day 2005!  What a joy you’ve been, sweet Timmy … full of creative energy and persistent personality.  (Whether dancing the Timmy-Shuffle, performing vocals, or wishing on birthday candles; your determination always leaves me admiring).  I can’t wait to know (more and truly) who you are. — Aunt Nettie